Karim, youth worker, Schilderswijk

“The message to the young people should be: don’t just think about your own safety, but also that of your parents, your grandfather and grandmother.”

Talk to young people from their own story.

Dirk, general practitioner at De Doc, Centre of The Hague

“It is important that you keep coming to the doctor. But it is also important that it is done safely. ”

Arts Dirk
Julitto and Donny, rappers from HSG

“Corona gives the opportunity to really use your creativity to the full.”


“I give people extra attention at this time. Corona makes them lonely.”


“I would like to say to the parents: do a lot of exercise with your child. Despite the measures, a lot is still possible.”

Duwan, social worker ADO

“I want to get young people out of isolation. Don’t play videogames all day long.”


“When I need something, I buy it online and preferably at shops from the Hague.”

Bettelies, pastor

“I go shopping during quiet moments and preferably during the week.”

Limmy, student

“I am an asthmatic, and only go shopping on quiet moments. That way I shop safely.”


“I had complaints this morning, and after a call it is already my turn for a test today.”